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16-17 MARCH 2024





What is it for us?
Wanting to be together, feeling free, emotions, but above all lots and lots of fun!


Being together with our friends, meeting new people who share our same passions, all in the enchanting setting of Borghetto, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Then the Gardesano hinterland, pedaling at night under the stars in complete freedom, experiencing a true gravel experience with the pace and speed best suited to one's abilities and all in a magical mix of joy and fun throughout the entire gravel route under the stars .

But above all without forgetting the aftermath when we arrive at the Colonie di Borghetto, at the Village LA BATTAGLIA our Headquarters: to welcome us we will find our DJ with the right amount of music, in a magical atmosphere under the stars, in which we can eat, drink, taste typical products with all our friends, old and new.



Remember to visit the VILLAGE AREA EXPO LA BATTAGLIA accessible from Saturday 16th March, from 12.00pm to 7.00pm and then throughout Sunday 17th, where you can try first hand all the models of gravel bikes, clothing, historic bikes , food and wine delicacies and more... come and discover it!


The GRAVEL BATTLE - CITTA DI VALEGGIO SUL MINCIO - BORGHETTO is an event organized by the WELLFIT CONCEPT ASD association regularly affiliated with the A.S.I., CONI and the NATIONAL REGISTER OF SPORTS ACTIVITIES of the Department for Sport of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers

It is a non-competitive cycling tour that will take place on Saturday 16/3/24 in Valeggio sul Mincio BORGHETTO (VR)


Saturday 16/3/24 from 1.00pm secretariat opening, delivery of technical envelopes, delivery of BATTAGLIA Pack, athlete registrations (MEMBERS) until 6.00pm (the Borghetto Colonies)


4.30 pm: greeting from the Authorities

5.00 pm: start of the first edition of the GRAVEL Battle - CITTÀ DI VALEGGIO, SHORT and LONG routes from the Borghetto Colonies (all together)

The arrival is expected at the Borghetto colonies

To allow regular use of post-ride services, the maximum time to complete all routes will be 5 hours and the arrival set at 10.00 pm


The planned routes will be as follows:

LONG ROUTE 69km and 590 m positive DSL (4 refreshment points)

SHORT ROUTE 49km and 290 m of positive gradient (3 refreshment points)

The tracks may undergo minimal variations (+/- 5%) compared to the route, mileage and altitude difference communicated above.

All routes will develop on paths, dirt roads and secondary asphalted roads. The routes will be developed in a ring (departure from Le Colonie di Borghetto and arrival Le Colonie di Borghetto) and their general characteristics: map, mileage, total positive difference in altitude and altitude profile) will be viewable on the Event's Facebook page and on the website.

An email will be sent to all registered participants containing:

The definitive .GPX tracks

A map of the various meeting places and services (checks, registrations, Battaglia pack delivery, logistics area, parking)

There will be signs, arrows and danger warnings at the critical points of the two routes, without prejudice to the obligation of the participants to upload the track provided onto their GPS device and follow it during the route.


All those, Italian and foreign, who are at least 18 years of age at the time of registration and comply with the following requirements are eligible to participate in the Event:

LONG ROUTE: participants must be in possession of a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for cycling and a cycle amateur card from an ASD affiliated with the FCI or with other affiliated bodies (ASI, ACSI, AICS, CSEN, CSI, UISP...); alternatively, they must be in possession of a valid medical certificate for cycling and, when registering, have a card for insurance coverage by signing up to the ASD WELLFIT concept

SHORT ROUTE: participants must be in possession of a valid NON-COMPETITIVE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE and a cycle amateur card from an ASD affiliated with the FCI or with other affiliated bodies (ASI, ACSI, AICS, CSEN, CSI, UISP...) alternatively, they must be in possession of a valid non-competitive medical certificate for the practice of cycling and, when registering, equip themselves with a card for insurance coverage by signing up to the ASD WELLFIT concept

Since this is not a competitive event, there will be no final ranking.


The ordinary registration fee for the Event is expected according to the following rates:



The registration fee entitles you to:

Official participation in the Battaglia GRAVEL – CITY OF BORGHETTO event Valeggio sul Mincio

Battaglia pack including the front panel to be applied to the bike, access to refreshments, gadgets, freebies,...

Tracks of the routes in .GPX format

Refreshments along the routes: 2 refreshments for the short route, 2 refreshments for the long route. Upon arrival at the Borghetto Colonies, refreshments will be available for both routes.

Registration fees are non-refundable, cannot be transferred to another participant and cannot be frozen to another edition. The event will take place in any weather condition. In case of suspension due to weather alerts or emergencies of various kinds not dependent on the Organizer, the registration fees cannot be refunded.




The event is a cycle excursion on paths, dirt roads and secondary asphalted roads; the routes will be open to traffic and therefore all participants are obliged to respect the Highway Code. The GRAVEL Battle – CITY OF Valeggio sul Mincio BORGHETTO is a cycling event for GRAVEL bicycles, but MTB, e-bikes and cyclocross bicycles are also allowed as long as they comply with the Highway Code. Given the presence of long dirt stretches, even bumpy ones, the use of racing bikes on the road is strongly discouraged.

The participant takes note of you:

To be aware that the long and short route is not signposted

Who travels at his own risk and is considered to be on a free personal excursion without any additional rights compared to other users of the paths and roads

That there is no mechanical assistance service provided by the organizers along the route, nor a recovery service for those who have withdrawn and their vehicles

That there are no obligations on the part of the organizers to search for participants on the route, and that they undertake to communicate their withdrawal to the organizer by calling or sending a text message to the telephone number indicated on the front panel referred to in paragraph 4 - Registration fees

The participant is aware that the Organizer is not a professional organizing body and acts only for recreational and non-economic purposes (1174 Civil Code); it therefore follows that the Organizer is relieved of any responsibility connected to the holding of the Event, and in particular from:

Accidents occurring to participants or caused by participants

Loss of the route by participants

Various types of injuries to participants

Any damage to the participants' bike

Thefts occurred to participants

The participant is obliged to carry with him, for the entire duration of his adventure, the following minimum safety equipment:

GPS device and/or smartphone with GPS functionality with sufficient power reserve to complete the route

Approved helmet to be worn at all times

White front and red rear lights

Kit for repairing faults (Multi-Tool) and for punctures (inner tube and/or patches, levers, pump and/or inflation canisters)

Appropriate clothing

The Organizer reserves the right to carry out spot checks before departure regarding minimum safety equipment.

Participants are also required to:

Adequate physical preparation for the chosen path

Good knowledge of GPS and orientation

To provide assistance to anyone who finds themselves in difficulty along the route

To respect and keep the places crossed clean, avoiding throwing waste along the route and placing it in the appropriate collection containers

To wear the bracelet to access the refreshments


Participants are also obliged to notify the Organizer in the event of abandoning the Event and withdrawing from the route before arrival by contacting the staff using the numbers indicated.


By asking to participate in the Event, each participant:

You declare that you have read and approved this regulation and accept every part of it

Declares to have understood that the Event is a non-competitive event without rankings

Declares to be aware that, being part of the off-road route, some sections may be bumpy and require good riding technique and that, where necessary, the participant will overcome the difficult section at his own discretion by getting off the bicycle and proceeding on foot

Declares having experience in GPS navigation on off-road and/or otherwise untracked routes

Declares to be aware that the long and short route are not marked, are not monitored and there are no safety posts and/or rescue personnel along the route

He declares that he is aware of the possibility of encountering adverse weather conditions and is equipped to do so

Declares not to use doping, drugs or medicinal substances that could alter performance or cause situations of harm or danger to oneself or others;

Declares to have all the necessary material to take part in adventures such as this and to independently follow the route requested by the organization;

Declares that you are aware that unforeseen events such as wind, rain, cold, encounters with unattended and/or wild animals may occur along the route and that you are adequately prepared to face them

He declares that his material is in excellent condition and ready for the use that a route such as that of the GPS track requires

He/she guarantees his/her own behavior during and after the Event;

He declares that he is in good physical condition and has undergone a medical examination where required

Expresses consent to the use of his data, including for commercial purposes, in accordance with the provisions of Privacy Law no. 196 of 06/30/2003;


Participation in the Event involves the processing of participants' personal data. By registering for the Event, the participant confirms the processing of personal data by the organizing association Asd WELLFIT concept. The participant acknowledges and accepts that, in consideration of the public nature of the Manifestation, of the object of the dissemination and marketing services of photographic video footage of the Event, as well as the impossibility of selectively limiting video-photographic footage, to register and participate in the Event it is necessary to authorize the filming and use of one's own image

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